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      Hello again, I’m sorry if I’m overloading you with suggestions.

      Just trying to make a female elven Warlock/Mage and I have female drow and sorcerer packs. I see a lot of beast patterned faces, the only clean ones are the standard female elf (the one in the demo pack) and the two pink-faced drows.

      I’d seriously like to put the female elf because I like her complexion, but the skin is too bright and there is that awful pink blush – which is marvellous but not for a dark/almost gothic character.

      EDIT: by blush I was referring actualy to make-up. Many faces have heavy make up that woud be better either togglable or at least adjustable in color.

      It would be very nice if there is a selector that allow us to change a bit the shade of the skin and eventually another to change the blush type.


      i use for painting face at least 5-6 colors (here is a really handy tutorial from Navate:, what gives idea, and i try to follow not just in my 2d, but in my 3d work too, this is why i am not allow to make the character skins “colorable”.

      and the make up do not work, because the face shapes are differents. (the first season had makeup, because there every face had same anatomy)

      If you have any special wish, i am gladly make it with care, for looking good (as i yesterday wrote pm how do you imagine your elves, for making skins for being perfect for you)


        I guess the explanation would be the same for eye color ? (that is it’s no longer variable because of different face shapes). 🙂

        But yes, it’s easy to edit, and you already posted a tutorial about eyes. So it’s not an issue, indeed. 🙂


          Not even adding a component to the color? For example the various character generator of RPG games as Mass Effect,Skyrim and Oblivion allow to add a uniform shade composed of orange and blue. Basically it would be atransparent PNG with a light blending over the body.

          As for the request, I’d like basically a tougher looking female elf – the one that is present right now has the right features (elves are elves, you can’t take out their smooth features) but the pink blush over her face makes her look like a cute little elf girl, not a potential deambulating catastrophe. That is, keeping the face but without the colors.

          The same I could say for the human females, they have all too much make-up (aroung the eyes mainly) that makes tough creating goth-like or no-nonsense warrior-like female charcaters.

          I hope you appreciate my inputs, I’m trying in no way to tell you what you have to do 🙂


            You should be able to add that in an image editing soft.

            ie: use the ePic elf on a transparent layer then “gothify” it your way then add some background as an extra layer, not too much editing there.


            noted. i am working on these, the warrior female pack’s skins definiately will be without any makup but warriorish 🙂


              @Kelemelan: yeah it is a nice solution, If it can be implemented in ePic it would be better as I trust much more the estetic tastes of sade and the capability of LBandy than mine 😛

              : thank you very much for the patience and the disponibility 🙂

            Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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