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      This is pretty cool and I like it. It is something to great to create some test designs as well as decent images fairly quickly.

      The only downside is that it appears to be all fantasy based. I looked the Pro Version and other packs to buy but didn’t see anything sci-fi related. For any scifi type games or even anime/manga style images there doesn’t appear to be anything along that nature.


        There is continous work to provide more material in different styles to fit the needs, fantasy was just the startoff. If you look at the WIP section or follow our Facebook page, you can see preview images of the upcoming Modern packs, which would be a great resource for sci-fi theme, and there is a lot to come in the longer run.


        Here is some modern female Random
        HHere is the modern male wip

        I’m not sure about anime/manga, since a billion manga dollmaker have on the net.


          The modern ones are almost there. They are looking pretty good but still not entirely what I would need.

          I’ve searched for Anima/Manga and most dollmakers are small chibi or sprites. I haven’t seen something similar to this.


          thank you for your answer.
          the modern contains: casual / military / futuristic / extreme

          for number of content more than twice bigger than other pack. i will add more to free update, but as starter pack is more than perfect.

          and dont forget these images random generated.

          about manga.. i will write out a poll about the next character, i will add the manga character too

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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