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      I would like to have more options in the scales skin tones as I’m trying to make dragonborns for my campaign right now and I really like using the creator, but since it is limited to the variety of colors I can’t use most of the 12 colors they typically come in.  I would also like more elf options for the males, along with more horn options for when I make things like tieflings.


        Colors isn’t really an issue. You can fix that in postwork.

        Elf options ? I don’t actually understand what you mean. I believe you have a 5th ed specific issue in mind but it’s not that obvious to others.

        Horns may be a thing, although I’m not sure I’d hold my breath on that one. Unless someone wants to design a pack specific for horns (or tiefling horns, which is kind of a mystery to me, I’m an AD&D/OSR player, I have 0 experience with Tieflings, eheh ^_^ ).

        Dragonborn has already been asked and answered. This would require complete packS all by itself. Nobody worked on that one as yet.

        Anyone wants to give better answers ?

        Note that I’m a user like you. I’m not answering for the team. 🙂


          Well, we typically have horns in the Supernatural packs for all base characters in Season #2. We also have different skins with pointy ears, if that’s what you are after. Coloring is kinda easy now with the option to export the character as a layered PSD, but if you want different tones on different parts of the body then it can get a bit more complicated. 🙂

          We’ll definitely keep your suggestions in mind when designing new packages, but they’ll most certainly be new packs instead of extensions of Season #2 unfortunately.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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