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      I have just tried making my first purchases on the store but nothing gives the option to provide my PayPal info for you take payment. Have double checked and there is nothing in my account profile to give the information either so at this point I have an order (N2J84) which is sitting waiting for payment but with no way for me to give you my details to take payment!

      I could have missed something obvious, if that is the case could you let me know how I am to make payment.



      I sent a detailed step by step to your email, i hope it helped. Sorry, cant copy here right now, because im middle in the work, but i will write a detailed tutorial.

      i hope the my mail helped!
      have a nice day!


        It did indeed!

        For some reason when I did the order on one computer it just went straight from Finish back to the store page but without giving me the redirect to PayPal but when I did it on my phone it worked fine, very bizarre!

        Order is all placed and paid for now, just waiting for it to fully process so I can play about with my new packs!

        Many thanks


        i checked, the money did not arrive!
        did you recive a mail from us or paypal?
        i poked the coder (even if he get mail about everything), but it helped more to him, if we could gather every information what could help to him solve the problem


        the coder told wrote email to you. everything works to you?


          Hi Sade,

          I replied to the coder yesterday confirming that all the packages are now showing up and downloading properly in the generator.

          Many thanks for all your help in getting it sorted 🙂


          *smiles* i’m glad!
          if you have any question (about a character, about postwork, or anything) please let us know!
          have a wonderful weekend!


            Glad to notice the site is back up, haven’t been able to connect correctly for several days. 🙂

            Hope this was just a glitch.


            the service’s fault, i hope they fixed it permamently


              I just purchased the Human Male and Female pack from your site. I used PayPal. Will I receive an email to download the program? I am new to this site and just registered. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.



                Hi Steve,

                Thank you for your purchase. You can download the program from the site:

                You should’ve received an e-mail to your registered address with the link to the packages. Anyway, you can get them from here:


                However, if you run the program it will recognise your library and download the missing packages automatically.

                Let us know if you face any issues!

              Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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