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    #1 Make darker
    Photoshop (you can download free the an older version)
    1. Open the file

    2. Duplicate layer (F7, right click)
    3. Set the new layer “Soft Light”



    Portrait + Any Texture make original effect (Multyply/Soft Light/Overlay, etc)



      Really sorry with that one, but although It does look very nice. I can’t figure what kind of use I could have for this kind of art in my settings. :unsure:

      I’ll wait for further development of the portrait generator I guess. 🙂


        I’m on the fence about this one.

        I can see some uses for it in my work -mostly just to fill out art in the game rulebook- but two things I need to be able to do:

        Both male and female characters, and

        Reconcile the portraits with the full character images. They wouldn’t have to be identical (as, obviously, the tools serve different purposes), but close enough that someone could recognize the portrait and full image as the same character.

        I’ll wait at least for the female pack, then I may consider picking it up.


        It will have female pack only, if it will the male succesful. 🙁 🙂

        Its good idea, but again: if it will be succesful more or less, we plan to make a free upgrade, and i can make common items (since it have several already)


          Yeah, Kalnaren is right on spot there.

          Portrait pack could be interesting to me but that’s providing it works with everything else in ePic (since I’m using them to draw full scale characters), and so far, it works like an independent pack so as I see it it may be pretty but it’s got compatibility issues. :unsure:

          But that’s just my perspective and my opinion. Prolly other GMs and designers who evolve in different settings won’t think my way. 🙂


          it’s a different techniqe
          it’s a different style
          like a new base
          if it will have demand for it will be female versin and more addons


            Sure, I understand.

            Still this is really tricky since because of the very style of this pack it’s really tough to use with anything but fantasy.

            Original Season 1 epic was fantasy full size (as in head to toe) and color. So I’m still using it in modern settings with some fidgeting of my own.

            Portrait pack is basically fantasy line art on parchment, and the parchment and line art options are really a problem when you’re not planning on using fantasy settings. :unsure:

            Hence my concern.

          Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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