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      Just curious as to what the points are used for?


        We have plans for the future to use the points in two ways:
        – Alternative currency with fixed conversion rate
        – For packages that can be bought only with points and not money.

        And there was a raffle on the main page, where you could buy tickets with your points, so maybe Sade will hold more like that.


          What’s the difference between points and karma on here? Also can points and/or karma be used to buy the donator pack and the backgrounds mini-pack? I was going to buy the May’s Special Bundle but waited too long and now it is no longer available. 🙁


          you will able to spend your points on special (not buyable for money) packs.
          the karma is.. well, like the other forums 🙂
          about the bundle, sorry 🙁


            Okay, Let’s imagine I’m not used to using forums for 2 minutes. And let me guess… when you have a lot of karma, you can reach… nirvana ? something like that ? 😛 😉 No really, just guessing. I really don’t know. 😛 B)


              Okay then. So how many points would I need to buy the Backgrounds Mini Pack and the Donator Pack?

              Kelemelan: LOL. 😛 Although, from what I understand, karma is a cycle based on both good and bad. But enough of that as that’s really off-topic here. :unsure:


              i contact greg when he will be able to set up the point shop (sorry, first priority is the gallery, to allow our users to make their own albums, and stuff), but after it 🙂
              (i think the background mini pack (works with only 1st gen) the price will be discussed, but my first thought was 75 for bgs, and i wont say a price for the donation pack without consulting LBandy :))


                Having our own albums would be really great, thanks. And I will patiently wait for the point shop to be available for use. Maybe by then, I’ll have that much more points to spend! :cheer:


                  I just searched for this as I was wondering how to use points too, and wondered why some packs here say you can get them with points, but there is no way to actually do that.

                  I see now that this was an old topic, and hope you guys will stir up some activity in the progress of this option soon.


                Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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