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      So, I’ve noticed there have been contests in the past surrounding a theme in which to create character images from. For example, elements, gods, and bad asses to name some. Is there going to be any contests in the near future though? If so, I would like to participate. I can list possible themes I’d be interested in doing if this is a yes sometime in the future.


        My guess is these events stopped due to lack of contestants.

        Nevertheless they’ve always been open to everyone so if you want to wait in line and others like you show their interest, maybe they’ll be back. 😉

        Now I’m just guessing, not privy to any special info there.


          We’re planning on resurrecting the contests after releasing the new packages. So keep an eye out! 😉


          I have TONS OF contest ideas.. but for the second generation. Contests with amazing prizes will be coming soon, after the release of the new version of the program, with new features, and new characters 🙂

          I know it’s been a long time.. but it will definitely be worth the time 🙂

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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