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      AS I was thinking about what kinds of characters I could make with this, I also determined what characters I couldn’t yet make. For instance, I have a character that’s a mutant with scaly skin, 4 arms, and a 4 foot snake tail. There are also other possible options such as one (or both) legs being tentacles, along with the arms/hands (not that I’m really into tentacles, but perhaps others might be). This got me thinking about a potential pack later on down the line for male a female mutants for games like Gamma World or other post apocalyptic games.


      at first i try to make the base concepts, like warriors, knight, etc. (1 pack 1 month for me, sorry, i am working slow). however it’s on the list, more “inhuman” creatures, and we working on the upcoming problem’s solutions. i made snake tail, and the 4 hands also possible, just like the skins, and the tentacle legs (what i actually made it, but i dropped out saying “nobody would use it” :))


        I would use this kind of stuff and the kind of stuff DrayGon requested as part of a Super setting.

        As far as I can tell (I can hardly I have checked everything at that stage but still).
        The curent super pack feels more “Kick Ass” than “Superman” to me, especially because using it un-toggles most of the other components from the other packs which isn’t very cool. OTOH, the other packs untoggles the skintight suits, not very cool either. That’s why, I’m being a pain for capes in addition to all packs, so that I’m not (or less) bothered by this kind of trouble. 😛 😉

        So, anyway, I’d definitely use huge green or red (or whatever) giant sized monsters with or without extra limbs (“I didn’t know there were ogres on Midgard!” – Thor, spotting Hulk), with variable skin options and what have you. 🙂

        Oh, and don’t forget stone skin, iron skin, etc… I’d need The Thing, but in Fantasy they do fine Golems too… anything goes. Need more ideas ? 😉


        turn onto back to it after when i finished the warrior pack 🙂


          My intention for mentioning this wasn’t for requesting it to be done next, but as a something later on down the lines. I wasn’t sure if anyone mentioned anything in the regards and so I thought I put the idea out there. Take your time and complete the more common stuff and I will patiently wait for when you can move on to the more bizarre. 🙂


            Hey, it’s not bizarre, it’s just not (necessarily) fantasy. This is common in the appropriate setting. 🙂

            I trust Sade will manage her timetable, no worry. 🙂


            thank you, its not bizarre at all! (at least for me)
            my problem is with program (ok, its not really problem, but still): I want make everything. and now. 🙂 and i try to be focused, but it’s hard 🙂 now i found solution for “make everything _and_ still focused” (making the challenge packs for free), but still.. it’s not same, this idea worth a whole pack! (but i can hide some historical stuffs, what i dont want make a separate pack example :))

          Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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