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      Hi all,

      Season 2 has 14 female packs and 8 male packs. It’s almost half!

      That means there’s lots less options available when making a male.

      I wonder if we could get some more that are compatible with these?  (Fantasy for Preference)




        Hi Aria, welcome to the forums!

        When we developed Season #2, we regularly asked for feedback from the community and also closely monitored sales stats, and believe it or not, the demand for Female pack vs Male alternatives was more than three times bigger. We originally wanted to keep up with what we had in Season #1, and develop all themes in pairs, one pack for Female and one pack for Male, but because of the above, we put a lot of Male packs on hold and only developed the Female alternatives. At this point in time, while we are looking at making improvements there, it’s unlikely that we will develop brand new packs for Season #2, unfortunately.

        I hope this helps.


          Thanks for the feedback anyway. I’ll make do with what I have!



            Hey welcome aboard 🙂

            You can port stuff from one pack to another with minimal postwork if you own the pro version, psd exporter and so on. This is especially convenient if you want to use female material with male bases or the other way round.

            I gave it a try a while ago. It should be somewhere on the forum. 🙂

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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