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      Err… guys ? where are the modern weapons ? 🙁

      I can’t find any weapon in all of the the female modern sets (including the original one) except a broom and a club 🙁 :ohmy: :unsure:

      Major issue there. :unsure:

      Even if I load all the sets, I can’t find any modern weapon, only the fantasy ones from the fantasy sets. What’s going on ? 🙁

      Am I missing something ?


        Scratch that, original female modern human season 1 works okay.

        But basically no weaponry for season 2 female sets 1 & 2.

        Feels wrong, is it normal ?


        in the scifi and military pack :dry: this is fairly common pack, only for outfits
        in scifi and military pack contains the weapons.


          My, failed to take notice, I’m gonna have to import guns out of the male packs. 😛

          Babes and guns are just staples of espionnage or modern storytelling… 😉 😛 :cheer:

          Don’t go out without them ^_^


          my problem is still with too much items 😀
          it have already more than 200 items in scifi (we have to separate in two pack or something), plus the military.. so i try to focus in packs 😀

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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