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      How do Indiegogo Donators get their content?

      I registered here with the same email address I used for Indiegogo but I dont see the Donator pack and both humans have the shopping cart icon on them still.

      Only the Demo seems unlocked.

      I expected the application to automatically install the Donator Pack and Human Bundle after checking my Email Address I registered here with against those who sponsored on IndieGoGo but it seems that something failed in that step for me.

      I restarted the application but no luck.

      Am I doing anything incorrectly?


        I’ve sent you en email about the details. If anyone else faces the same issue just let me know! 🙂


          I too am unable to receive any content other than the demo.

          I donated $10.00 with the guarantee of getting the program for free.
          “You will recive the program for free a choosen platform (pc, android, ios).

          It was then announced,
          “We discussed about the marketing with my partner, and it’s seems the program will be free, and the characters separatly downloadable.
          Since you gave me trust, moral and material support for this project, i want make a special character for you.”

          To this I replied,
          “What does this mean? Am I still getting the full program as I had envisioned with all the characters, props, and backgrounds?”

          Rita answered,
          “The program will be free. But the content will be paid.
          The donators of course will recive the contents, plus a donator pack. The donator pack based on feedback probably will be pregenerated characters (in differend body type and poses), and monsters (still can set the background, companion, and frames). It’s just a little extra for you.”

          By “contents”, I was lead to believe that I would receive all the character packs. Now it seems I’m getting a program that’s free anyway, a $5.00 character pack not even chosen by me, and some pre-made characters which defeat the purpose of the program.

          If I am to not receive all “contents” as I was lead to believe, don’t fix my email problem. Use my email to send $10.00 to my PayPal account.


            Hi androidlove,

            Your email was hidden at the indiegogo portal, so I’ve added you to our database now.

            When we’ve started the campaign only the human packs were planned, and when we promised we will give you the content at that state it was all we could offer. The donator pack is not as useless as you think, as it features some quite nice figures that would not be easily obtainable if you would need them in any scenario.

            As a supporter, you receive the program and a demo character for free (as everyone else), and two packs (the human male and female), which can be obtained for $9.98 separately, or $8.49 in a bundle, plus the donator pack, which was mentioned above. The dwarf packs were started by the end of the campaign, and the elves were much later, in autumn.

            As the release plans changed a bit from the point of starting the campaign, the program at it’s current state is lot more than we’ve though it would be, and with more material of course, as in the meantime Sade was busy making new packs, and the former human packs are much bigger now than they was when we stated you will receive them.

            Please let me know if you are now able to use these packs in the program. Thank you!


              I find it a bit of a cop out to say that you made the program better than what I deserved after I donated and waited.

              I started up the program and both humans had the carts removed. I then clicked on the bonus pack to see if it was pregenerated characters. I hit the triangle button. The program then tried to download several files but displayed “Failed to download files” after every attempt. It then returned to the main menu. I tried with the male human. The program failed again. I also tried the female human to no avail. I have yet to get my $10.00 worth.

              I hope you won’t stay with the “challenge/response” system. There is no guarantee your server will always be available. I’ve seen people wind up with software they can no longer use when a company folds. Will I be able to install this on my other computers?

              I supported this program because my daughter and I can use the characters for reference for our art and stories. We don’t want pregenerated characters. This should be a tool for our creativity, not a showcase for the designer.


                The program tries to download the packages three times automatically, and if there is a connection problem and can’t download it, it offers to download and install them manually via the following links:


                There are a huge number of people who can download the content in the application without any problems, but there are a few who can’t; I’m sorry about that I need to ask you to use the above links for the installation.

                The program only needs to download the packages once, and only needs internet to check for new packages, if the server is down somehow, you can still use whatever you have on your computer.

                You can install the software on three separate devices to use them simultaneously without restrictions.


                  Yes, the bonus pack is just pregenerated characters. I feel I got nothing for being an early adopter. I was also forced to get the human packs for my money. People who were not early adopters can choose how they want to spend their $10.00. I will give this program to my daughter so that I may recoup some of my loss. I will not use the program, as the sight of it now angers me.

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