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    Since i finished the sorcery pack, i begin the modern. the base character is same, with new characters, and wardrobe.
    here is the firsts



    This pack’s character will be an alien lady 🙂 and also you will recive a several human variation too 🙂




      <3 the alien heads, especially the idea with the different skull forms.

      Some of the eye and lip variations are also extraordinary, but my favourite is the robot with red-black lip contour.

      Will she get some special robotic, or white plastic clothes?


      perhaps it will have some robots in the modern packs, but i dont plan to make it separate robot girl pack. they dont really look like pretty in clothes, imho 🙁 🙂


        [quote=”sade” post=536]but i dont plan to make it separate robot girl pack. they dont really look like pretty in clothes, imho[/quote]

        I was thinking the same. 🙂
        Is the underwear mandatory, or can we get a nude of the robot girl?


        no way, it would be another program 🙂 but i allways accept commissions, if you want naked robot all way 🙂


          Darn, we’re bound to find alien ladies among modern females ? This might explain a few things…

          Anyway, although I won’t be looking for full nudity, sets of very tight fitting clothes would be nice (note that this goes for their male counterparts too). These kind of apparels are just fine for some modern, supers or sci-fi settings.


          it will be. if i can’t do, i save her to scifi pack. perhaps it would be better. the white-black -red futuristic outfit would look nice on her.


          smells like alien.. she good with hair too 😀
          or just without?




            With those hairs and a normal skin, she could be a cute mutant of some kind.

            With a a skin such as this one my first thought was : Lovecraftian’s Deep Ones’ Half breed (although her eyes are a tad too human to fit the bill, granted).

            Other option would be to go sci-fi all the way but then her clothes don’t fit the bill and we’re in the wrong pack.

            What was your idea ? “my high-school pal from Mars” ? or something like that ?


            You have totally right. I think i take out the alien from casual pack and make a character what is ..more casual 🙂


              I believe her skin tone is the main issue. Everything else would be fine in a modern pack. The skin itself could find its place in a sci-fi or horror pack for instance since you already got that job done. 🙂


              It have many skintones, this is my fav..but still,you have right, its not fit the casual..perhaps i will make some ethnic character( asian or african), and save the eggheads for scifi pack 🙂


                Ethnic is fine with me.

                Blue-green skinned alien is fine too but it’s alien so yes, it’s not casual 🙂

                And whether or not you want bald characters, well, I wouldn’t mind one way or the other, that one is all yours. Enjoy yourself. 😛


                i made one character with different expressions plus several different characters 🙂


              Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)
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