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      here’s an idea that could be implemented…

      Currently from what I can see, to export, you have to click settings, which takes you back out to the main screen and shows something that isn’t your current character, then click export, and then choose a file location.

      Couldn’t we streamline this process with some hotkeys? Like “E” for export?
      You could also include another hotkey, when choosing a specifc set, like “S” for set only, and “C” for Use all compatible Sets” to automatically unlock everything you purchased for use.

      If this is already out there, it doesn’t appear that it’s already been used.

      Second. How about a Recent Files option? Like for instance if you save a character in a different file name, it creates a box window for that save, up to 10. This way you can load from those preset boxes and see your loads before loading them.

      Finally… I will definitely be crediting Epic Character Generator in my point and click adventure game for RPG Maker VX Ace.


        The main reason we don’t have hotkeys around is that they are hard to communicate in our program. Adding the export/save/load are quite straight forward, so I’ll try and look into it in our upcoming patch. Toggling packages on and off however is a different question, and I don’t think it would extend functionality a lot as we need to refresh the editor for it anyway. It’s also quite rare to have all owned packs active at the same time.

        I was trying to add some kind of visual aid for the save files when saving them (like custom icons with a snapshot of the character), but it is incredibly tricky to get it right. As it’s only a tiny data file, there is no way in the program to display it without actually setting the editor to the state it was in when the save happened.


          Okay, yes… where the program DOES have a lot of good space that’s use for the character creation. I believe that there’s a bit too much ‘bloat’ for the software. the buttons used are actually very big for the menus like “hair, hair preset, and so on and so forth. For instance, that space where there’s a mask in top center? can be used for button icons there, for Fast Export and Fast Save.

          As the software already creates a png file and snapshot of a save, it wouldn’t be actually difficult to create a snapshot that renders not a large 1200×1000 character shot but something like a 120×100 snapshot, at the time of saving, and references it as, like you said, a different icon. Even though the player would still save the main character file elsewhere as customer requested, a temp file can also be placed within a specific directory, and then the program simply needs to access that directory upon three events. Start, Load and Save.

          Start would be simple. It checks for the 10-12 possible save slots, and if there is something there, it grabs the thumbnail and posts it up as a thumbnail in software.
          On save, these change so it would know to append or replace one of the save-files available. And when loading, it takes NOT the file that the player saved, but that save backup and uses IT in the software.

          Now, as far as your comment about ” It’s also quite rare to have all owned packs active at the same time.”

          I found just the opposite. I LOVE having an outfit ready to go, but when I see the male face, I can be like… “Meh, I like this one” or “that one” and being able to go through 60-70 different male bodies to find the one I want is paramount. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine it with just using one pack. I’ve almost purchased all Season II packs expressly for this reason…

          With that said, please don’t think I’m saying the product is bad for any reason. I actually LLLOOOVVVEEE this product, and am really thinking hard about getting the pro license.

          In fact, I’ve been meaning to try to contact you to see where i can help with the software.


          here is the answer for gfx part (LBandy will answer the code part)

          – i like the fast save, fast export icon. (the first version of the program was on same screen). i have to tell, i didn’t liked the different screen idea first, but i used to it very fast.

          – i see the meaning of slots, but i am not sure how much people would use. but we also will discuss about it.

          – i am almost never used all of the packs same times 🙂 when i do, only for skins. (about it i many times thinked how can we turn on all packs “body” part only.

          Thank you for your suggessions, and feedback it means me alot 🙂

          (just a little spoiler:
          – the fantasy warrior pack is ready, it will be released so soon.
          – the next patch will contains a little update, two new subcategory for making everything more mix and matchable :))


            Hotkeys could be useful but only marginally as far as I’m concerned, except for some keys that could facilitate navigation through the interface (read left/right and from screen to screen 😉 ). But yes, we do need big buttons and icons, definitely, otherwise they would be indistinguishable from each other.

            Yes, of course, this is arguable about the buttons with text since they could indeed benefit from being smaller (especially where your screen rez makes them overlap with sliders, that’s another story 😉 😛 ) but for buttons with pics, they are just fine the way they are. 🙂

            One point: if I want to do a snapshot, I just export the file. And then I work on that file, I add quite a lot of material from external sources in other softwares, and the final file, in a different resolution (ususually higher) is the end result. Because of that, I wonder how useful would be a 120×100 export. As I see it, higher rez means better, but lower ?… :unsure:

            OTOH, I support jrgfx’s idea about having many packs active at once. I usually do just that too and I keep looking for workarounds in order to reach my ultimate goal.

            Which makes me think : some of the creatures or items available in ePic (1 & 2) are actually bigger than the frame. :unsure: Is there a way to export them without cropping them in some way ? Resizing would be fine but well, that’s not an option… yet 😉 😛


            You mentioned it with wings.
            As the artist i let you know not just the companions will be bigger, but some items too.. its because they are moveable, and looked like weird a dragon what is sliced to half 😀
            i am totally support both the resizing, and the bigger export, but the judging in this case not belong to me 😀


              Okidoki, thanks ! 🙂

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