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    The Red Mage

      Whether it be official packs, or ones done by external artists, I wonder if in the future it might be possible to have some packs in which aspects like hairstyles, clothing, and accessories weren’t restricted by sex. It came to mind as there are times when I find there is a certain hairstyle or outfit that I’d want to use on a male-looking character, but it’s only available to the female models or vice versa. Even simple accessories surprise me that they’re only for one sex (for example, in Season #02, males only get sunglasses and cyber eyes, they have no regular glasses like the females have).


      It’s something I’d happily pay for in the future.


        Basically, Red, given the parameters you’ve set, you can already do that 🙂

        Just use the Photoshop files, import the male layer in the female base (or the other way round), do what’s necessary to make it fit (yeah, that’s the tricky part ;P) and voilà !

        As I recall, I tried to do that to build a caped female super from the male base and even though I didn’t pursue the effort, the raw result was at least usable. It should be somewhere in the forum’s archive (at the time, I wasn’t even working from the PSD files so well… ;P ).

        OTOH it sounds difficult to have items usable by several base since they are different size and are using different perspectives. That would only work if the same artist did everything at once, and if the involved bases could accept such items (if they don’t that would mean the artist would have to devise even more items).

        Imagine a “Shoes” pack. I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure that would mean one pack for every season 1 base since they are all different, plus one for every season 2 base, plus one for every season 3 base. That is if they are not to be restricted by sex, race, etc… That would be a lot of work (and shoes) for one pack.

        Maybe using the drawing board is still a lighter more actionable way out ?

        Though I’m a guy, I live with one and a half pair of shoes so maybe I used the wrong example ^_^


          Eheh, found the original post.

          Funny thing is we did answer a similar question of yours then 😉

          Superheroine Outfits

          Well, all I can say is with the layered PSD files, things got much easier. 🙂


            Unfortunately, we never aimed to deliver the same content for all available characters but instead explored various themes and settings for each of them. The only exception is the Supernatural pack, which exist for all bases. 🙂

            As Kelemelan pointed out, making them interchangeable on the exports is pretty hard now, since the different characters have different poses, and in most cases, you just can’t just slap an item from a Female character on a Male one, as the perspective will be different. It could’ve been done easily on the 3D models when we created them, but back in the time, we didn’t recognize there’s a bigger demand for matching wardrobes, which came as feedback only later on.

            We are looking for an option to try and fix this in the upcoming pack, to keep the balance of content between the packages, but yet again, it’s not always straightforward.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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