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    Inkwell Ideas

      I did a search and saw these requested a couple times, but I wanted to make a separate post/request. Anyone else want them? Please post a reply so we can let the creators know there is enough demand.

      Meanwhile, anyone want to suggest how to come close with the current packs? Maybe the Fae pack for the gnomes and extend ears and/or make them shorter or put in a different larger background (export the character transparent first, then sub in a background. For halflings, maybe dwarves and try to pick female outfits that are less spartan and get rid of beards on the males?


      I am working on
      It will be a free downloadable photoshop addon
      Not a separate pack, but a workable action for transparent characters
      since i have lot of pack on my todo list, im not sure a new pack is a good idea
      however i accept commissions for making commissioned packs 🙂
      here is an early wip

      Inkwell Ideas

        Thank you for letting me know what’s up.

        Is the image an example of what the photoshop addon will do? Unfortunately I don’t like adobe’s license (paying monthly) so I stick to GIMP. Can you describe what you’re doing to the image?

        I actually may be interested on helping fund a new pack. I’ll send an email about that.


        it have a free photoshop version. its totally good. (i prefer old photoshop, because i can paint same way, and it have lot of extra feature. in new ps do not support flash example).
        the action is simply: liquify tool

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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