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    I think thinking could you use free, high resoulution painted or 3d art stock?
    It would be visible just for who own at least one paid pack.
    The license would be Free for commercial use.
    (i dont promise it will be hundread stuff in into it, but im sure i can share some really useful things)
    Comments/Suggessions Welcome


      As a game designer free stock art is always apreciated.


        I second that.

        I’d even add that building a shared CC-BY or CC0 setting around the art could be fun.


        comments suggessions (and wishes) also welcome


        second upload is up
        if you have any special wish, let me know


          Duh, I just realized the downloads were available. 😛

          Expected to see them in the posts.

          A few comments then, since you’re asking:

          First upload [Robot] looks very fine (I like it, really a lot, even “bought” it 😛 ) but – provided you’ve got he right packs – I believe it can be done with ePic itself. Maybe original (ie: as in just “not in another pack” 🙂 ) stock art would be better ? (note this is a question) 🙂

          On the other hand, your second [Armor] release feels better as far as “generic stock art” goes. To be honest, I would personally have zero use for such a piece of fantasy armor, but I guess someone designing a fantasy setting would certainly not think like me. 🙂

          Feels like tough choices there. 🙂


            Nice! And I can use the Armor very well for Legends of Idunia. Thanks!


            Kelemelan: i plan to follow a “little bit from everything”. Some of useful for use, some for others. The robot actually originally made for ePic Generator, if im right he is in the challenge 3 pack. This is the original filesize 🙂

            Fasoldgames i am happy you will find useful things too!


              Ok, then, you’re on track. 🙂


              but if you have any wishes, just let me know
              im not promise, but.. 😀


                Wishes ?

                Well, sure. Remember I mentioned a long while ago characters à la Iron Man ? 😉 (that is those guys (or gals, your call 😉 ) wearing powered armor).

                Since I don’t think there’s such a pack on the way, if you believe that a single item or character like that would be fun. Feel free, I’d be glad. 🙂

              Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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