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    it will be released soon in the 1-3 pack, comes with patch as i know (as the warrior pack).

    thank you for your patience 🙂


      sorry did not know where to put this but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to save and convert the files I have made on this software to just a normal picture file right now every thing I made is in lbd format tyvm for any help

      btw I have the steam version


      Hello feel free make a new topic anytime
      Save– native ePic format,you can load it later and edit your character
      Export– transparent PNG (if you don’t choose background), you can edit with any photo editing program,or use it without editing

      I hope it helped 🙂


        Here is the final result of our March Challenge:

        1st Place: Kelemelan

        2nd Place: Fasoldgames

        3rd Place: Caenissnow

        Congratulations to the winners!

        As we didn’t have any other competitors for 2 months, we have decided to pause the challenges for some time (mostly because of summer is coming).

        The winners will receive the Challenge Packs with the upcoming mega patch.

        For those who haven’t won the Challenge Packs, but would like to see them, we will make them available for userpoints.


          Okay, I was thinking about something along the lines of but eventually, I decided that a simple thanks peeps !! and congrats to everyone 🙂 should do the trick. 😉 😛

          By the way, Greg, just my perspective but my guess is there weren’t many people involved in this challenge mostly because it was quite a tough (and time-consuming :P) one. I’m pretty sure simpler tasks would bring back the troops. 🙂


            Congratulations Kelemelan!

            But one day, mark my words, there shall be a new king on the throne, namely, ME 🙂

          Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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