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    I just let you know, i finished the our forum challenge pack #1, what will be a prize.
    the theme was a modern male, you will find some background, weapon, companion, and some superhero accesories into it, with among few other elements.
    more info coming soon 😀




      I like the pale skin and the eyes of the male character. His suit reminds me a bit of the suits in Star Trek.
      Come to think of it, he does remind me a bit of Data, one of my favourite Star Trek characters.

      I like the female character too.


        All in all, looks like a very useful pack with many very convenient graphical elements. I like it.

        Feels like the basic (free) pack was more like a fantasy one and that this challenge pack is sort of a modern equivalent. You bet I like the idea.

        I have to say I’m sort of holding my breath on that one! 🙂 😛 :cheer:


        These free packs not so coherent like the paid packs, example it have only one skin and two hair, but based on your feedback and wishes.
        You can’t just win them,but buy it for points too.
        And if you are not aa social activity person,you can buy it for real money too.
        But making the post more aimed, in this pack have alot of colorable cape, and masks, and this is why I offered you for free 🙂
        Also have a hat with long hair hair into it,and some other wishes 🙂


          Feels like from my perspective, there’s everything that matters ! 😛

          You know me, I’ll take more supers material anytime, and I’m a sucker for capes (and spandex, eheh 😉 ). 🙂 B)

          Thank you for the free extra, I’m much obliged. 🙂


          my pleasure you like our work!


          this made with the pack alone, however the pack is not “stand alone” like other packs in the shop, because it can happen it does not have hair or skin or other main element at all. its just 50 random plus item for the character. so for the best result, use it with other thematic pack



          hat +background +weapons from forum pack
          rest is from the modern



            Looks great for scifi, with weapons, background, special fx and the whole shebang, plus the cape would be nice for supers 🙂 And it makes a fine pic, all by itself, just saying. 🙂

            Though I’m still longing for plain old spandex, nowadays, there are bumps and scratches everywhere, I’m longing for simple bicolor heroes with just an hint of something else, something like that for instance: 😉 😛

            But please, ignore my ranting, I see some guy draped in a cloak on a distant world and my first thought isn’t Captain Harlock, it’s gotta be Superman or Manhunter keeping an eye on the Earth from the Watchtower. 😉 🙂


              “forum pack” ?

              Nice combo anyway 🙂 but err… looks pretty androgynous. Maybe you want to darken the pic a bit. 🙂


                oh, “forum… challenge… pack.. ” I see. My bad. 🙂


                  The images look very nice indeed!


                    Making final retouches to the items:


                    (need some work on the cape’s shoulders)


                      And trying to do something about the “hair and mask” question.
                      The 2 masks in superhero pack are going into headwear with a patch, the 3 new masks in the challenge pack are already “hair compatible”.



                        YES !!! Now we’re talking! 😛 :cheer: 🙂

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