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      First of all, thank you for a truly excellent resource. I have been searching many years for a non-anime character generator, since I no longer have hours of my life to spend wrangling with Poser (damn gainful employment getting in the way). :/

      I’ve been very much enjoying playing with the baseline version plus an add-on pack or two, and I was tempted to buy the ‘Pro’ version to use in an interactive novel as well, if not for one thing … the characters have just one expression, and this is not something easily remedied even in a digital painting program.

      I did notice that one of your later models allowed a selection of different eyes, which was a step in the right direction but still didn’t quite help me in my quest. Have you ever considered including a selection of mouths, noses and eyebrows as layers (ie. closed eyes, open mouth, angry brows et cetera)? It would not only make the software more attractive to people with kinetic novels or interactive novels in mind, but it would also help generate much more differentiated characters from the same model.

      Just a thought, anyway – even if you don’t find it feasible to implement and I have to trudge back to Poser for my projects, I’ve certainly enjoyed just playing with this one, so thank you and well done for a long-overdue idea 🙂



      Yes, exactly this was my feels too 😀 (I love anime style, but not in roleplaying games).

      The early models allowed changeing eyes, but the newer ones not. the reason is simple: the skull’s anatomy, faces are differents, the eyes are on different size, shape, angle, etc. BUT if you want change the eyes, its really easy, you can do that in many way, i will make a short tutor about it.

      The portrait generator is on my “to do” list, it will focusing to making portrait, i think it will fill your desires more in this things.

      If you allow me, i would suggest to Daz Studio, instead Poser, probably a little bit more easy, or you can hire me too 😀

      (and if you need any help into them, just let me know 🙂

      (And i not cup of my tea, but you can also can make a try with Make Human (it’s also free).


        Ah, with a few more character packages unlocked, I do see what you mean. Particularly on the late models, you’ve done a good job of making skins based on the same rig look quite different.

        Rather than having completely different sets of eyes, noses, mouths all completely independent from each other, then, would it perhaps be possible to make a few different versions of each skin?

        I don’t think it would be necessary (or fun for you 😆 ) to go into every expression and microexpression available to humanity, but the basic trio of ‘neutral face’, ‘frowning face’, ‘laughing face’ for each skin would give casual users a few more options when generating characters AND also require only gentle editing/nudging in a paint program for the people who want more subtle expressions based on those basic three.

        As it is, I could probably wrangle eyes open/shut or wide/narrow in a paint program with a bit of extra effort, but I tend to have extremely mixed success with eyebrows and the mouth; it never looks right, particularly with delicately shaded mouths like your models, and it takes a very long time (which I’m not allowed to myself these days ;_;).

        I did try DAS Studio once upon a time (probably 6-7 years ago now) but I found it quite cumbersome to use compared to my ancient copy of Poser 5. Has it improved? I’ll have to try it again on your recommendation 🙂

        Anyway, thank you for such a speedy and informative reply, I really appreciate it!


        I made this in modern female and I will make more 🙂
        I used poser 8 perhaps,I liked it,but I switched to daz for some reason. The lighting was very hard, but the power is 500 USD,the daz is free. The base models also free.
        Many stuffs also free,so it was a good choice.

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