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      Hello, just downloaded version 2 and bought some packages.

      I was adding armguards (my monk uses gauntlets) AND a coat bu I can’t put them togehter. When I put on the coat the armguards are removed and viceversa. I tried with different coat/armguards but to no avail.


        There are certain categories which switch off others to avoid incompatibilities, otherwise they would cut in each other and look horrible. If you think they should be allowed to be used together, we can see if this restriction can be removed.


          Well, gauntlets/armguards should stay on the front while coats usually on the back. I can see how some elaborated coat can cut into armguards, but I think they are exceptions.

          Thanks for the fast reply!


            Coats have wide sleeves which makes them wider at the wrists than armguards.
            That’s why we made 2 categories, coats and chests.

            Please try a Chest Item, those will stay with bracelets.

            Similar to this : some coats have capes, but keep the head free, so can be used with hair, while cloaks are mostly incompatible with hair, so have hair and hats turned off.


              Understood, it is what I did. I’d just like to pint that in the “Male Adventurer” package there aren’t sleeved coats so the restiriction is moot – but I understand that with the new possibility of interchanging packages there aren’t intermediate solutions.

              Thanks again.


              den2k: in this month’s wishlisted item will be the modern male, but later will be fanasy male too. if you tell which type of .. wait, i want show something
              i am working on warrior male, as you know
              I already have a cape with sleeves, i am not sure you throught something similar?



                Yes, it is similar AND he has gauntlets (found out that is the best way to enchant unarmed attacks retaining the increased damage output for monks in D&D 3.5). If you refer to my last posted character, Fertu the monk Season #2, you’ll see the concept. Since he should wear monk robes, which are ample and apt to hide weapons, I thougt a coat would do 🙂


                Then no problem, your character will recive his coat 🙂
                about gauntlets: now i am working on warrior pack. i fell love into this pack, because i love armors, and i aimed to make the armors flexibe, so will have some armor base as tops, and many many addon for shoulder, chest, and waist, and arms.. i will try to show some gauntlets too in the preview too 🙂

              Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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