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      Are there some kind of chest symbols and/or letters on your list ?

      If I remember correctly, we talked about these a long time ago, but looks like they faded away.

      Any info ? 🙂


      it’s not faded. 🙂 you can add any shape to it, with a ps layer on “soft light” setting (i made a tutorial also for this theme). BUT if you need any special wishes, i gladly make it.
      if you need help, i gladly make you a png that you can put on your hero :3
      (example if you want to make Superman, which we cannot implement into program, since its copyrighted, but if you cant google it, i gladly make a perfectly fit png that you can put on it. 🙂
      or i can make a free downloadable pack, if i remember right, that was the final conclusion too 🙂


        Nah, I definitely get your point, but that’s not how I understood it.

        Most of he current suits are in fact more complex than those of the comics, which makes editing them not so easy. So they have to be used as is, and that’s fine. But then, no extra letter, or a tiny one but that’s not what we’re looking for. 😉 😛

        Indeed, for the simpler, monocolor or bicolor, mate, suits, it’s much easier.

        What I meant was that more suits using these simpler designs with 2 colors, 3 max would help a lot. Especiallly if there was an option, in the software, to add a letter or symbol. Not a copyrighted lettter or whatever. Just a letter, a digit, a greek letter… (60 choices plus the symbols 😛 if I’m not mistaken)

        This is the general perspective, not mine. Of course, if *I* wanted a batman symbol to put on my character, you would hear about it 😉 😛 But at the moment, I’m just thinking about the evolutions of the software that I’d find most useful (from a supers perspective that is). 🙂


          Oh yes, there’s this annoying incompatibility issue which keeps untoggling pretty much everything that isn’t super when I’m using the super pack.

          If there was a way around this one, it would be soooo cool. :blush: 🙁


          (last time I’m asking for that one, I swear :P)


          this is not a photo editing program. the outcome is would be much more pretty with the tutorial what a wrote, than “just put the letter” onto it, and its a really just few minutes 🙂
          and the symbol would be that place that size, etc.
          i tried to make the outfits for putting a symbol would be pretty easy.


            All right, fair enough. 🙂

            Just a question then normal license still applies to an edited image ? How does this work ? :unsure:


            as i wrote :
            this program because help to you making character images. ALTER as you want, EDIT as you want, ENJOY 🙂
            and if you want make me happy too, you show the result 🙂

            edit: and if you need help in it, just let me know 🙂


              lol ok point taken. 😆

              I never got that version of the license. 😛


              because its sound less professional 🙂 but this is why we made this program 🙂

            Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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