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      Unless I missed them, there are very little capes in the current packs, plus they tend to suppress many other items if you use them (like hair, back items or even most of the super pack due to incompatibility… :unsure: ).

      Since I’m looking for superhero stuff I’m a big user of capes and I do need hair at the same time.

      The capes I’m refering to do not look medieval at all (everybody can picture superman or batman, right ? 🙂 )

      Where are we standing on that point ? Any forthcoming supes capes ? 🙂


      now. shame on me. i used 2 psd for the pack, and i totally forgot to export the other one.

      Offering a solution:
      I am making a pack for challenge. the first character will be the “normal guy”, and in that pack i put the capes (and some other stuff as well), and you will receive it, even if you don’t join the challenge.
      sorry about it, i know you are so picky about capes, and chainmail bikinis.. 🙂


        Or both 😉

        A very large floating cape could be clothing enough if a character can be draped into it. 🙂
        And these work just fine with she-devils, whether they are carrying a sword or not, if you get my drifit 🙂

        I’m fine with any solution, as long as I get my capes. At the moment, if I use most capes, the characters end up in their undergarment so, it’s not exactly convenient. 😉 😛


        here is few example (recolorables)
        the first is pretty supermanish.. 🙂



          Excellent ! 😛 :cheer:

          Don’t make me drool on the keyboard like that. 🙂 😛


          sorry about the delay, i remember you mentioned it, i did it (because you mentioned it, this is why i love your comments, these get the program better), but its just simple had been not implemented :S
          sorry again


            No worry, I was just enquiring. 🙂

            And I will again, I’ve got plenty of uses for super characters so it’s not like I’m out of ideas. 🙂


            and to compensate you, i also plan to put some new supersuits into challenge pack. do you want to see some previews? 🙂

            (for others: it will be a totally free pack, you can win it with forum game, OR buy it from points) (you receive points for every website activity :))




              and you didn’t ask, but i will also apply some masks too 🙂
              (more preview perhaps tomorrow :))



                Oh yes masks, great idea!

                Domino masks and such (up to and including full head coverage) are indeed dealy missed. 🙁

                Told you, there were plenty of material for the fothcoming super packs 😉

                These two look very slick 🙂


                yes, i know, as i told it was on another psd.. i will put many things into challenge pack..
                but if we talk too much, i will make a separatly bigger superhero 2 pack 😀


                  Fine with me, I’m not usually arguing on that point but well, sometimes, bigger’s gotta be better. 🙂


                  I will sleep to it 🙂


                    Sleep tight. 🙂

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