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    as boardgame geek too: kelemelan,saying to boardgame geek “boardgame is stuff like monopoly”.. is.. like saying “roleplaying as diablo, not?” 😀 *giggles*

    Many many cool boardgames exist, and much use cards/tokens/characters too. i am not a mainstraim boardgame geek, so i dont know what is the “fashion” now, but i prefer deckbuilders like (dominion), (far away from ccg, and tcgs) from cardgame, and Ghost Stories from Cooperative style (ghost stories definiately worth to check), but have many many cool game. (Agricola, Catan “grow up” as family games.. Monopoly, duh :D))

    The boardgame market rapidly grow, because the roleplayers still want play, but they dont have company/time for it.. i think the boardgames able to fill this hole.. 🙂 (example have a nice two person boardgames too, like Targi/Tuareg)

    (Fun fact: i am 15+ years together with my husband, i allways figure out some strange gifts to him, example he loved the yellow imps from might and magic, and her recived a MOD for his birthday what turned the imps to yellow in heroes of might and magic too 🙂 and have a nice little deductive cardgame called Love Letters, what i didn’t liked the theme, and i redraw the images and renamed the cards.. so we have a special love letters, where the aim is survive the dragon, and not give the love letter to the princess :)) now i am also workin on a little cardgame for him, i am working very slow with it, what is a very strange mix of Guillotine and Munchkin Cardgames (or at least i can compare to them :))


      Hey, boardgames are fun, I spent a lot of time boardgaming or wargaming for that matter. 🙂

      But the point is simple: if you can’t ignore the rules and do something that’s not allowed 100% through cooperative storytelling, then it’s not a roleplaying game. No offense meant. 🙂

      It can be fun, entertaining, it can be very nice but it’s not a roleplaying game in that you can’t leave the rigid setting of the game. This is true for MMORPGs, and this is true for boardgames. Your character in World of Warcraft can’t suddenly become a cape wearing superhero (I wish 😉 😛 ), and the piece your playing in such and such wargame can’t live forever ever after after marrying the princess. THey are bound by the rules of the game.

      They can still be extremely cool. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying, they aren’t RPGs. 🙂

      Once again, yes, a whole lot of very cool boardgames exist. I just referred to chess and monopoly because I was sure these would be known. 🙂

      Apologies if I offended you on that one. 🙂


      no, but they have own culture, and still they use characters. 🙂 not like the roleplayers use.. but for the boardgames 😀 and its fully ok. and yes, we played alot roleplay on MUD (multi user dungeon, before the WOW and stuff), but the 99% of the people used it like it was for 🙂


        Well, tbh, I’ve been there, and I’ve been one of them. And compared to actual pnp roleplaying, the difference is staggering, especially because you can’t force the game to do stuff it doesn’t want to. Even if it doesn’t make any sense (like regenerating mobs forever for instance, or preventing opposing factions to learn a common language…). I’ve really been there, you know, for years. I’m talking out of experience. 🙂

        And I left this scene because it was a terrible hassle just to find players who just where looking for something else than mob bashing, and roleplaying ? now *that* was a strange idea 😉 And I’ve been in the computer games of all kinds for like a decade.

        Regarding boardgames, well, my boardgame years are long gone so I can’t say what’s available nowadays (hence my original question for Fasold, btw 😉 ) but I can’t figure how a game with a board can work with roleplaying. If I see (I mean **See**, literally) myself as some kind of pawn on a board. No matter what I will just be a pawn on a board, and not a powerful warrior in a fantasy realm (or whatever). And my experience is that if you use tactical maps or such in RPGs, exactly the same thing happens : the players start thinking of themselves as pawns on a board and they forget that they are “The Queen of the Mighty Realm of Exsilya!”. So, I’m being cautious with tactical maps and boards, restricting them to the bare minimum.

        And if I use boardgames, I expect them to be about a winner and a loser. I really don’t like that (I’m a roleplayer for a reason) but sadly, I’m usually right. :ohmy: :unsure:

        This is *my* experience. Yours may be different. I respect that.




        I moved it from the thread, sorry, i respect Fasold’s characters :))
        So yes, you have right 🙂 but slashing mobs without anything behind.. is not my cup of tea 🙁 🙂
        it had a boardgame, Last Night on Earth, i won with one guy, the university team captain with a baseball stick, i couldn’t resist play in character, and all of my Last Night Session had a kinda roleplayingish feel.

        in boardgames not necessary to be winners and loosers!
        *look behind*
        We have a Rune Age boardgame example (we not use it often, but when we do it’s fun), its full cooperative, or we fulfill the quests and all won, or yes, the dragon is stronger, and we all lose :))

        And Ghost Stories.. it have a special kind of feeling 🙂 its a cooperative game, but a hard one. a genial one :))


          Sure. That’s fair. And good idea to separate the trends too. 🙂

          I’m sure there are very good boardgames around nowadays. Just not up to date on that info. 🙂

          As a personal point of view, what I’m looking for in a RPG is to be able to do anything (possible within the setting), which is how I learned to play when I was a kid (damn I’m old 😉 😛 ), and how I’m GMing.

          Only thing I’m trying to say is: okay, I agree with you: boardgames, wargames, computer games can be fun (or boring, just like rpgs). I’m just saying they are not rpgs because they don’t allow you to do anything possible within the setting. They just allow you to flollow their rules. 🙂

          That’s all. 🙂


          me neither 😀

          i really love to read how to make the world more detailed, and how to ..yeah, how to be better gm also. i am very picky about it. (example i give xp just after the player give his character”s journal, very few player put this effort into game sadly)

          and yes, accept, totally not rpgs 🙂


            I used to play Dungeons & Dragons too, but nowadays I also have some problems finding people with serious interest in the game, and who try to imagine themselves as their character, not just playing for the hack & slash and the loot galore!

            True, in my board game, you cannot do everything you want. That is sadly impossible in a board game. But you do play together as a group adventurers against the story, and have some choices in the story and in your actions. And you can freely travel around.

            But indeed, one of the charms of dungeons & dragons is the absolute freedom.


            please make for separate thread to them, and show it to us!


              Good idea! Will do, as soon as I have some more time 🙂


                Something that makes me laugh is the current “Sandbox” trend. Look for “Sandbox” and you’ll find that the word comes from computer gaming. My reaction is: “hey guys, we were doing that decades before computers were ever able to code adventure games, you just reinvented the wheel” :unsure:


                erm, can you explain? as mother of two kids the sandbox have only one meaning for me, a childgame, where we make stuffs from sands.
                i saw an interesting typo stuff, wait i search it: , but i think you do not think of it


                  Actually, the kid stuff is the origin of the word if I’m not mistaken. The idea is that it’s soft and it keeps moving. It’s opposed to the multiple choice dungeons where you can’t do what’s not in the list.

                  Now think Computer games. Old computer games where very rigid and you could either do what was in a list or do nothing at all. Then they created sandbox gameplay. They called it sandbox, because, like a sandbox, there was no multiple choice but it was more open ended. It’s no more “Someone gives you the mission you must do that”, it becomes “You are in the Kingdom of Whathaveyou, what are you doing ?”. It’s soft.

                  Well, that’s theory, because fact is in computer games, you’re still limited by the computer so it’s still limited by the computer so it’s not **really** open ended. And as I was saying, roleplayers are now using a word for something that we’ve been doing for ages without naming it. Basically, we just rediscovered the wheel. 🙂

                  Hope this clarifies it a bit. 🙂

                  Check this, maybe. 🙂 :



                  oh, i call it different name, but got it. thank you ! (traintrax – own wordmake for it, when i faced with it.. dont like. sorry . (i don’t like it, but its a gm-ing style too ) :))

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