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      Noticed there’s no option for characters with baldness, balding hair or hair loss (that is beside depicting them with no hair at all 😛 ).

      Could it be possible to add such “haircuts” somehow if you have a moment ? 🙂


      No prob. For males and females too?


        Have to say I was mainly thinking about males.

        But well, females with balding hair ? I’ll let you decide on that one. All I can say is they aren’t a priority of mine. 🙂


          Mmmh… I’m moderated as spam if I try to send you reference urls ? :unsure:

          This is new.

          Ok, well, I’ll use email then.


          Feel free. I am thinking how can add it without patch, and waiting the male pack.


            I’m guessing you got my email. 🙂

            Well, waiting for some male pack or packs is no issue. Actually, my suggestion would be just to add a few bald(ish) haircut to the forthcoming packs where they feel the most appropriate and thus release them with the packs they fit in.

            For instance, add a few baldish haircut that look more medieval to adventurer and some that look more modern to supernatural. Although I may be misguided because I’m referring to the list of forthcoming packs without really knowing which of them are males 😛 . But Hope you see my point. 🙂

            General idea is to release the baldish hairstyles with the forthcoming packs, as time goes by.


              As far as bald haircuts are concerned, my personal priorities would be the two examples I sent as direct links, but ultimately, releasing them with the next male pack would be just fine with me. 🙂

              Take your time. 🙂


              thank you!
              good idea!
              the females lose their hair different me
              (expect me :))

            Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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