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      :cheer: 😀 Hey everyone!

      Just got through the tutorial. So thanks for the help so far! Love the graphics btw. Whoever drew the characters must be top notch!

      Gotta float something here everybody…

      I know that ePic is mainly used for RPGs. But has anyone ever used it for films?

      Asking because I am working on a couple of animated film projects and looking for a medium level software for character creation and sets. I know that this is specifically character creation. Will be starting an online animation course
      with Full Sail U pretty soon. It is a two year program. And I will tackle set design when I get on board there…

      While going through the tutorial I was looking at the packs and noticed one labeled “Modern”. I know that most of these characters are fantasy oriented or from the medieval times. But is it possible to create a twentieth century era character with this program?

      A little more…

      Both of the projects that I am working on take place in the 1960s. The one that I am writing right now takes place in Los Angeles CA {that’s California} USA from 1965 to 1968 with parts that take place from the late 1940s to June of 1960. There are also some scenes that involve sailors and tall ships from the 1700s. That project is called “The Wandering Musician”

      The other one is called “Friends” and takes place from 1969 to 1970 in London, England UK. That one will have medieval scenes mixed in.

      I know that we can export PNGs of our characters. But is it possible to export the actual characters in 3D form and use them with other programs? Asking because up to now I have been using a program called Plotagon. The characters look cool. But Plotagon has a lot of issues and needs a lot of work! So my coauthor and I are looking for other alternatives.

      Something else that wasn’t covered in the tutorial. How do you adjust a character’s facial expression?

      Attached is an image of the protagonist from “The Wandering Musician”. His name is JD. This version was created using Plotagon and MS Paint.

      Get back to me on this,
      Dylan :cheer:


        :cheer: : Hey everyone!

        A ps to this. I found a modern base male character. Very cool! Here is the thing though. As you can probably tell from the images in my main post the protagonist in my film is a young white male with long brown hair and blue eyes. I haven’t seen the modern male pack yet. Will get it next month along with the modern female pack. What I need specifically is a long modern male hairstyle that is actually neat and looks clean literally. Either that or need to be able to use one of the medieval male hairstyles for modern characters.

        Get back to me on this please,
        Dylan :cheer: :


        hello 🙂

        More Modern Pack coming soon 🙂 (female modern, and female scifi)

        The characters are not 3d. I used alot of different technique. 3d, 3d overpainter, painted, photo, photo overpainted, mix photo and 3d and paint, etc. this is the reason because its NOT POSSIBLE to export it any than 2d format 🙂 even the simple 3d renders have lot of postwork 🙂

        But here is the information:
        I used the daz’s character GENESIS (what you can freely download it from you will find alot of outfit and hair and stuffs for it too from 2 to 200 usd, if you want make a 3d version for yourself. Be careful, if you try it, you will see, the outcome is not pretty like on daz site, or with epic, but with postwork, experiment and exercise can be.)
        I alter the model in ZBRUSH (it have daz-zbrush bridge, what is pretty handy), and i textured it in old way photoshop, or zbrush spotlight texture, or just overpaint the render. Zbrush is very hard, but it’s VERY VERY VERY must have program, if you want work in 3d. (Or alternative the free Blender, but i think nothing beats zBrush)

        In the first seasons every face was same , just the texture made the differences (means eyes, nose etc at the same coordinates), but in 2nd seasons i changed it, and
        the heads had been sculpted, even different eye/nose/etc coordinates, and even different head shape. this is why you can’t set makeup, and eye color, anymore.
        I plan to make less “neutral” faces (i made actually already), but you can change it only with postwork.


        ps: it will be the SECOND modern female pack
        the first is here:


          Hey Dylan, welcome aboard (and greetings, everyone, been a while) ! 🙂

          Nice to find someone else interested in the modern era. 🙂

          For the records : plenty of things you can do with the current material while begging for more… 😉 😛

          Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping you’re in a creative mood, Sade. :cheer: 🙂 😛


            :cheer: Hey Sade and Kalemelan!

            Thanks! Btw. Can’t do anything yet re purchasing packs {no bank card yet!} Please tell me that the “Modern Male” pack has shoulder-length hair. For female please make longer hair? Like just below the breast line?

            Sade? I’m serious when I say that your work is top notch! Keep it coming!

            Btw. For “TWM” we need a couple of “unusual” character presets maybe. Unusual in that we are setting this in the 1960s. So these characters might look out of place. They are three sailors from the 1700s. Here they are:

            CHRISTIAN.png HEYWWOD.png HALLETT.png

            They aren’t pirates. But if we need a “Pirate” pack to create them then that’s fine.

            These were made with Plotagon too.

            Using Plotagon for the book illustrations and considering Epic for the film’s character creation.

            Oh yaa! Any way to show characters moving, talking or seated? That’s prbly for both tech people and artists…

            Get back to me,
            Dylan :cheer:


              Here are what you’d find in the “Modern” Packs as far as hairstyles are concerned. Note that you can use hairstyles from other packs with modern characters provided you are using season 2 packs (that’s why, in this case, Season 2 Supers and Sci-Fi characters are using Modern hairstyles but Season 2 Fantasy and so on would have worked as well 🙂 ).

              Season 1 packs are independent.

              These are all hairstyles from Season 2 “Modern Male” packs (ie: Modern, Supers & SciFi)


              And this is the Season 1 Modern Male pack from a hairy perspective 😛 :


              Hope it helps. 🙂


              if you want longer female hair, i suggest you buy fantasy packs too (because of more skin, more hair, and more general) (i modern female have 5 hair what is longer, in modern male have only one rastalike hair what is longer, but in scifi pack have shoulder long hair)

              I’m happy you like it 😀 (if you don’t find anything what is fit your desires, i am also avaible for commission too 🙂 (x)

              (at first i have to finish all of female packs, after i will make more male packs, but some similar (not exactly same) should be in male adventurer pack)

              you can make your character images talk with gazilion software (just google make photo talk, it have mobile app for it too) for other moves, seat needs postwork 🙂

              have a wonderful day!


                :cheer: Hey Sade!


                You too!
                Dylan :cheer:


                  :cheer: Hey Sade-

                  This is either for you and they artists or one of the technical wizards who work on fixing bugs with the program…

                  We have got to have the ability to create black hair.

                  When I get into school at Full Sail U please let me show the instructors some of the characters that I end up creating and see if they make 3D versions. Asking mainly because I have been having issues with the software that I have been using. And…well… let’s face it. Your work is the best I’ve seen yet!

                  Dylan :cheer:


                    Just a tip, Dylan. If you’re looking for black hair, go for darker shades of blue (and maybe some postwork). It usually works okay. 🙂


                      🙂 Hey there Kelemelan!

                      Hmmm…ok. 😉 Do you guys have a male either “Sailor” or “Pirate” pack??

                      Btw. A few details about both projects and the reason for some of the “out of place” characters…

                      “The Wandering Musician” is actually a project {first an illustrated first person novel that is a mix of narrative and singing and then an animated film} about the life of Jim Morrison {of the Doors}. It spans from spring of 1965 and November 11, 1968. I’m not giving up too much detail. Except that mixed in with the 1960s scenes {in addition to scenes from the late 1940s to 50s} are scenes involving ships and sailors from the 1700s…

                      The other project, called “Friends” is an animated film having to do with the English rock group Led Zeppelin. It begins in early 1969 and ends in 1970 with their performance at the Albert Hall. The majority of “Friends” takes place in London. And there are some scenes from the Dark Ages and Middle Ages mixed in. So some of the period/fantasy packs will probably work. You did it again! Thanks!

                      Writing “The Wandering Musician” right now. And beginning research for “Friends”…

                      Get back to me on this,

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