[quote=”jgkane” post=125]Quite often ‘Moustache’ is shortened to ‘Tache’ or ‘Tash’, and the Ancient Greeks called those unshaven foreigners, ‘Barbarians’ after their ‘Barb’ or ‘Beard’.[/quote]

    In fact, they called any non-Greek barbarians because of their inability to speak their language. Anything they said would sound babblefish for the Greeks. For instance Homer used βαρβαρόφωνος – “totally not understandable”. The Greeks also had beards (like any Mediterraeanean nation), so it would make no sense. Every person who wasn’t Greek was deemed barbarian and I guess you mistook barbarians with Frederick Barbarossa translating into “red beard”… but in Italian.

    Anyway, I think making a pack like that is a very nice idea. Regarding the name… “Ma(i)nly men”? 😛