Hi BrandedTales,

    Thank you for your interest in our software. Unfortunately we don’t have werewolf specific content in our packs currently, as we tried be more generic and allow our users flexibility. We do have plans on creating werewolf specific content, but we can’t give you an eta on it just yet. The main difference between Season #1 and #2 is that the Season #1 packs are all standalones, meaning they are more complex, but can’t be combined with each other, while all Season #2 packs for the same body (Male, Muscular Male and Female) can be combined to make a single character. The resolution of the Season #1 images are also a bit smaller, but they do offer certain styles and types (the Anthro Cats for example), which are not present in Season #2 yet.

    As Kelemelan mentioned there are quite a few options to start with in our current system. I’d also advice to take a look at our current packages and see which themes and styles would fit your needs the most. Hopefully you’ll be able to create most of the non-werewolf and pre-transformed characters. 🙂

    Please let us know if you need help with anything else.