Okay, so you can have a look at what the packs can look like over there :

    http://epicgenerator.net/index.php/shop/season2 (just click on a pack’s “box” for a preview)

    Now, just out of the blue for drawing werewolves I’d suggest you have a look at :
    – Male Supernatural, Adventurer, Modern, and maybe Fantasy
    – Muscular may be interesting but nothing too wolfish there so you’d have to add that part in postwork.
    – In the Female packs category, way more choices although provided you try to draw something looking like a werewolf I’d find you also way more limited. Maybe Supernatural and Barbarian but even then, I’m not really convinced there. Modern packs for modern characters, of course.

    Greg, lbandy or Sade may see things differently, their perspective would be interesting here 🙂