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    Hello, I’m Neil. I was just in the process of asking a question on the FAQ page, but couldn’t get that to work, so I’ll ask it here at the same time as introducing myself.

    Q: The license to use ePic Generator content in a commercial application (a boardgame in my case) seems to be pretty clear, but does this also include the 3rd party stuff bundled with what I purchased, namely the donator pack?

    I’ve purchased the pro version and everything available as of this moment, is there anything in there I can’t use within the game I’m developing or is everything usable?

    I became aware of ePic Generator a couple of years back when I first began working on my project and thought I’d be availing myself of it way before now. But I instead found myself spending an inordinate amount of time working on other aspects of the game and it’s only now I’m getting around to doing the games characters. I’ve actually got pretty high hopes for getting loads of characters developed quickly with the ePic Generator, such is the streamlined nature of the program. I’m also impressed by the sheer volume of potential characters one can create. Impressive indeed.

    The one issue for me pertains to the standard, virtually “front on”, arms by their side aspect with which the generated characters are all positioned. I absolutely understand this aspect has been chosen to provide the highest amount of interchangeability between characters hair, clothes weapons etc, and in this it succeeds very well. But I echo the sentiments of others who’ve written in previously, that it would be nice to be able to mix things up aspect wise.

    To date virtually all of the work I’ve been accruing for incorporation into my game has been from 3D artists. I’ve done this for a variety of reasons not the least of which involves the quality and range available, for what I consider the most competitive prices. The added benefit of working with 3D models is there is a complete 360 degree availability of aspects, and if it’s rigged with a skeleton, complete power to adjust the models posture, action etc. The downside is of course one needs to learn at least the basics of working in 3D… a time consuming enterprise. The effort has been worthwhile tho for the versatility each 3D model then provides. In particular the games “event” card artwork is largely made from these 3D models, suitably arranged on a given background, something the Generator will find hard competing with.

    A future ePic package showing characters in different aspects would have a massively reduced amount of hair, weapon and costume configurations available but might nevertheless prove popular. I’d vote for such a thing, starting with a Sci Fi pack… of course!