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    Thanks for answering that for me LBrandy, much appreciated. An I do have one follow up question below.

    Sojournstar I’m more than happy sharing some images of my game as it’s developing but as the copyright of much of the graphics I’m working on belongs with the original artists, I need to be to be careful respecting this.

    Q: LBrandy as long as any pics I submitted were simply attachments to a post and I made it clear they were copyright protected, would this be enough?

    I’m glad to hear there’s some thoughts about one day releasing a pack with characters showing different aspects or performing different actions. I totally understand how restricting such a project would necessarily have to be in order to work but there’d be a couple of things one could do to at least somewhat offset this. A few ideas in that regard….

    Interchangeable heads with different facial expressions and angles to camera.

    Limiting the aspects available (beyond the current “front on” standard) to 45 degrees front on.

    Using a semi crouched, arms wide in readiness pose (gives a more dynamic “ready for action” look without imposing lots of new different action poses).

    Heavier emphasis on “full sets” where the naturally decreased amount of interchangeability available means it doesn’t really matter if such a character is restricted in other clothing options.

    The last point is probably the most important IMHO. If you were ever able to find out from your devotees which character “looks” are the most popular, making “full sets” for these would allow more varying aspects without losing too much of the visual appeal.

    What you’ve delivered is already an amazing program that is truly heaven sent for someone like myself. If it needs of necessity to always be restricted to the aspects currently offered, so be it. This is just a wishlist for making something already amazing into something even more so!