I have never used Joomla, even tho I can install it on my website. Never really needed…
    and have never heard of the forum platform before, I will have to check it out.

    True, I have run most of my sites and foums on platforms like WP, (actually started with Ning years ago the greedy %&*( LOL)

    have tried a plethora of platforms including many of the most used ones, but mostly now use the Forumotion platform, and have been using them for years….. they are of course a standalone forum platform, but I LOVE the fact I can make an entire website/store/community from there as I did with my digital biz…. I also have regular websites and stores and forums for my 3 personal projects including my graphics, my art on fashion, and my collectibles store, but if I had to I could just use the digiscrapcafe forum for the entire digital …..