[quote=”greg” post=3108]All links to topics in the forum should now point to the last post on the last page.
    (had to change on quite a few places to cover Recent Topics, Index and Profile page too)

    Also the login form is back to it’s old look.[/quote]

    HA HA I have been trying to figure out how to make my account read the forum threads from top to bottom (like normal forums lol) and even set it in my preferrences for me to see the top of a thread first, but it never changed anything, and now I know why lmao!!

    If you don’t mind me asking, what forum platform, host, etc are you using…. do you have a low storage limit or something? Am curious, because I design and run several forums for both myself and other people for different kinds of themes and projects, and I am not familiar with this platform per say right off. From the outside (as a member) it seems fairly simple, and maybe a phpBB3 or PunBB, but hard to tell.