Sade: yes, I know the character is moveable, but if I want to compose something with several characters (like I did), I have to put one character on each picture I export. If I could, I’d export the characters separately, then the background and rebuild everything in photoshop or gimp because as it is, the layers add up where the characters are situated, and it’s quite unwieldy. 🙂

    Greg: now, of course, if there are legal issues involved I understand if it’s not possible. That’s also why I was proposing to make this a paying option, even a limited one like : “you can export an ePic image without a character provided it includes at least 2 (or 3 or whatever) components)”, and hardcode that into this specific export button for instance as soon as the character is toggled off :). Something like a background and a companion for instance, or a background, an effect, and an item if we’re trying to illustrate something and not someone (just a few examples). These would fit the restriction. But once again, I understand if you’re concerned about protecting your soft. 🙂

    I’m just the guy who can’t draw a straight line and who’s trying to find his way out of it 😉