Thanks everyone.

Love the new upcoming packs. Looks like I will be picking those up when they are released.

I’ll post the Photoshop altered version of the Dwarf that reflects the Orky Skintone she has 😀

So the First one is one of my favorite Champions(Superheroes) Characters Fury. She doesn’t often wear a costume. Just what you see there.

The second one is Our Tiefling Bloodrager (More muscular female models will make her look more correct, so I am looking forward to the Fem Barbarian set)

The third if the Party’s Half Dwarf/Half Orc (which I dont really expect greenish colored faces to be available for).

Once I got used to how the UI works and found all of my packs. The program is really fun to play with.

So Thanks again. 🙂
Tasha 😀