What do I miss more ?

    Right, I’m going to be a pain but I have to. 😛 😉

    Since female super is already on the list, what about futuristic supers sets (male/female/other?) for those Legion of Super Heroes / Guardian of the Galaxy settings ? 🙂

    And then you could go all tech for power-armored guys, which would probably deserve a set of its own (well 2, male/female) – as we already discussed – but this could encompass several genre like scifi, mechs or indeed supers… and even magically endowed medieval armor with some creativity 😆

    Okay, now I realized I may have completely overlooked your question. sorry about that.

    If you’re asking us to pick from your list, here it comes.

    I’m looking for modern and supers material, I’m pretty sure my choices are not a surprise 🙂

    Female (in that order)
    – Superhero
    – Scifi, futuristic

    – Military Modern

    Male Muscular (no particular order)
    – Military Wardog Modern
    – Modern Wardrobe

    Hope this helps.