What’s the end result you’re looking for exactly ?

    My best guess is that you shouldn’t expect a quick design to be too accurate or an accurate one to be quick.

    If you’re looking for accuracy, go for the season 2 packs, apply filters, multiple layers in photoshop or GIMP, some (or a lot of) postwork in photoshop or GIMP and you should be okay.

    If you want to pick something out of the box (that is ePic’s season 1 box), well you should be constrained by that very same box.

    Not that I’m complaining about season 1, I’m still using it, my message is : postwork is of the essence. 🙂

    In your case, try to save the Skin layer and the clothes layer separately (transparent background), then recolor the skin, multilayer and re-assemble the whole pic. That way, you should have a way around the greenish aspect of the character.