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i know its late, but:
– Did you turn on the demo and adventure pack, when you used the scifi pack? if yes, you should be around 30 skin
– the scifi and the fantasy even different style, but these are mix and matchable! you can use the adventurer or any other skin (or other items) from season 2 to season 2 scifi!
– and we release soon for points the forum challenges, what contains many modern things

the good part of season 2:
– the content is extendable

so, if you belive me, you don’t switch, but use the mix and matchable function, and if you need something special, you write to the forum, and i add it to next pack.

(in fantasy we release the warriors, in modern the forum challenge, what is modern type addons (modern, scifi, superhero mixed).

but this is just my point of view