I am making the male demo (not the muscular one, he is ready) character, original he was modern, but somehow he transformed to fantasy 😀 (i have 2 psd files, almost equal items, this is the reason i did not make a forum thread for him yet :))

Not supported only means i will not make new items for them 🙂 (i told it once, i had a hdd crash, and i lost every related items, but it just helped to make the changes.

Since they was alot (Separate characters), now we have only 3 character, and they wardrobe are mix and matchable. better item blending, and more variety and more realistic faces, more subcategory for making them more unique.. 🙂
we also find a solution for front-behind blending problem, what is not worked in the first version perfectly.. after all the first version is not bad at all, just i have too critical eye.. 😀

Edit: and yeah. We are restless improve the program 😀 But i think this is good, i am quite proud to it 🙂