hello, the coder is on vacation 😀 (i mentioned once i moved to spain from hungary, and he visited us :))
back to the work:
I dropped greg into the deep water, he is finding bugs now, and testing and testing and testing..
i am about finishing the muscular supernatural, and after i plan to make a female supernatural.
We try to facing the technical “problem”, i planned one pack 100 items, but the most little pack is 120. But have a pack with almost 200 items.. and still example for the male superhero i am ablo to and would be make more.. so many pack will ba #1. 😀
(impossible to put everything in one pack, even if its thematic :(( )
And i also finished to make the tonof “invisible” graphic elements, like boxes, buttons, etc


ps: yeah, sorry, i worked and did not share it 🙁