I’d say there’s some wierdness going on. I’ve verified this pack either on the Steam and the standalone version and both work fine. Do you have the standalone one installed maybe? You could also give it a go and try uninstalling that one. Apart from that, if you’re looking at the installation folder in your steam directory (SteamsteamappscommonePic Character Generator) and check the dat folder. Do you see any file which are not .lba? You could also check c:/users/userame/appdata/roaming/ePic Character Generator to see if there are rogue files there. Just delete anything which is not an .lba file. Also you could try manually deleting char_coma.lba and core_coma.lba, as these two files are making up the pack you’re having troubles with. Is this the only package you’re seeing this issue? What was the solution of your Season 2 packs?