😀 Thanks! OKies. I’ll do that.

    Well the book is rather long…. It’s a bit um… adult in nature (erotic at times). It’s a story about a young slave woman living on another world. On the continent she lives on, humanity is dying out due to a genetic defect, and when her master is killed, she has to learn how to survive there without him…. There’s no magic, no elves, no vampires, just a lot of fighting, swords, kings, assassins, soldiers, including a man who’s conquering everything and ruling all with a powerful drug. There’s obsession, devotion, love, and lust… And it’s really long… Started it in 2011. FInished it about a month ago. Letting it sit aside while my daughter and my best friend read it through first, before going back and checking again for typos and then I’m gonna hopefully get brave enough to put it up on Amazon. The final total number of words is about 325,979. 😛 It got really complicated. 😀

    Currently working on the sequel. Already at chapter 9.

    I’ve been writing stories for myself since I was eight years old, but I never wrote anything this huge before and it’s very scary imagining what others will think of it. 😛

    Anyway, yeah… Again, I really like the portrait drawing tool. 😀 I will have to put in a request for sideburns though…. 😀 And more hair and facial hair…. and ah… pretty much everything. 😀