I misunderstood the picture, and wrote some dumb things,

    so Sade asked me to translate:

    – Top row is what was under the thumbnails in old version, but more icons.
    – Subcategory is the vertical icons from previous version, but again, more icons.
    -Under the thumbnails comes the utility menu, save, etc.

    – That’s why uniform size icons is not feasible. Main category is gonna be pictograms, subcategory is only title, to separate the two things, make them different, otherwise it would be too chaotic (and IMHO ugly)

    – Subcategories cannot be pictograms, because of place constraints, because main category is gonna be 7 items instead of 5, with a variable number of subcategories. For example body category will have 12 subs (with the added benefit of being able to make more unique, and different looking characters)

    But if you want it, subcategory can be made vertical, just like in the old version.

    The most important thing is, that the new UI will be full-screen, that has to function from 800×600 to widescreen 1900+ monitors. That’s why the main category will have arrows for scrolling the icon bar when the resolution demands, and won’t have when they are not needed.

    The bottom pagination navigation is absolutely necessary, because you will have several dozens of choices for anything from body hair to clothing.