I would use this kind of stuff and the kind of stuff DrayGon requested as part of a Super setting.

    As far as I can tell (I can hardly I have checked everything at that stage but still).
    The curent super pack feels more “Kick Ass” than “Superman” to me, especially because using it un-toggles most of the other components from the other packs which isn’t very cool. OTOH, the other packs untoggles the skintight suits, not very cool either. That’s why, I’m being a pain for capes in addition to all packs, so that I’m not (or less) bothered by this kind of trouble. 😛 😉

    So, anyway, I’d definitely use huge green or red (or whatever) giant sized monsters with or without extra limbs (“I didn’t know there were ogres on Midgard!” – Thor, spotting Hulk), with variable skin options and what have you. 🙂

    Oh, and don’t forget stone skin, iron skin, etc… I’d need The Thing, but in Fantasy they do fine Golems too… anything goes. Need more ideas ? 😉