i planned with limitations. you should not forget these creatures have to fit, and mix and match the outfits! (some will not able to wear pants, of course,or just special type, but still.
halo around the body? halo is around the head. what you think, its a magical effect, what it have already..
but as i see, you think special effect. fire and “magic shield” already have..
before you say ideas, please think global, this pack have to compatible the other packs as well, hair, top, bracelet, etc.
this is because we decided to make a next generation characters. making them totally compatible.
i think i should focus before everything will be too .. chaotic.
so with this pack you will able to make:
-fairys. definiatly. windged characters.
– angels, and devils, inkubuses, call as you want
– some type of anthro characters
– snake men
at first its should be enough,
– 10 special addon (fairy antens, horns, halos)
– 15 special “legs”
– 10 special “pants”
– 20 other outfit parts (top, bracelet, etc)
– 15 new skins
– 5 new hairs
– 15 wings
– 5 background
– 5 background items
– 5 companion
– 5 card
– 5 token
– 5 special effects

its more than 100 new items. i think the numbers will change (usualy they growing even if i dont want 🙂