Ok, so it’s still portrait. I’m glad anyway that you are working on the problem with cropped images. I know it’s not a problem for everyone but for me it limits using the options.

    If you are still going to work on the cropping issue i’d suggest the following: Start using the full (uncropped) layer images. Add an option to use the current 2:3 portrait format or a 1:1 option. The first 2:3 format will work exactly like it currently works, the second would have extra space to prevent cropping. You could just disable backgrounds and frames if they don’t work in 1:1 format anymore. That way people who use frames and backgrounds can still use them. When using frames the image composition is often better when the image is cropped since the character appears larger in the image.

    Just my thoughts on the issue since I don’t know what your exact plans are. Maybe you have an even better solution.

    Thanks for offering to upload the uncropped images – but don’t worry about that. I’ll ask you later if it turns out there is something specific that I need.