Okay, the 10 iconic fonts and why never to use them actually made me a bit angry. Not at you Sade, never :), but because of the audacity of this guy, stating that:

    ‘Papyrus is the king of bad fonts. Equal parts childish, kitschy and irritating. Papyrus isn’t bad because it is overused: it’s bad because it just doesn’t look good. Kitschy, cheap and vile, Papyrus has no place in your designs.’

    What arrogance! I like the font and I will use it when I wish. As if the taste of this man is some kind of nature’s law. Wat a complete and utter imbecile!

    Sorry for the rant, but this gets my blood boiling. Anyway, I will take a look at the other fonts and thanks always for the efforts!

    Update: I like the Caliph font, thanks for the info Kelemelan!

    But to continue my rant…what is wrong with these Design Inquisition people?
    I get that Papyrus is overused, but calling people who like it things like:

    ‘hippy cat ladies starting lines of organic, botanical, natural, eco-friendly, green, environmentally-conscious bath products.’

    What are they, the gods of design who fathom all and master every aspect of it?
    God, the internetz drives me crazy sometimes.