first impression: its much better what i counted! (i thought im too “adult” for these games, but its fun!)
Some thing:
– i sent something on mailbigfile, can you try it? with resize, and play with transparency
– the male voice is very good
– this game is perfect for mobile! i could waste much more times if it were on mobile, because at the pc im mostly working
– i love the monsters desert sirens 😀
– the music is VERY good, expect the battle music. its .. perhaps its just not good like the other
– need some little art, like game over 🙂
– i want to see the enemy’s HP. if it does not show, just make more red or more blood, or something
– i did not found the backspace of the name choosing, i became lilysade 😀
otherwise? Its very good, i wish it would be same style game for my son too with robots, because i searched it for him (good voice, lot of image, with text, its adventure, and HAVE story, and its.. its good!!)
*go back to finish her work fast for having time to play with it more :))