[quote=”Fasoldgames” post=3560]Nice! If you are looking to create a prototype, I can recommend The Game Crafter!

    Not really keeping an eye on the websiteservice these days, but I remember it to be quite good.[/quote]

    I’ve looked into them before, but nothing more than curious browsing.

    These days for prototyping I’ve been using Tabletop Simulator. Though when I do finally get Whitstone finished I may look into Game Crafter just so I have a hard copy for myself.

    I have no commercial aspirations at all with my work, it’s purely a for-fun hobby.

    I used to do stuff like this, but TS has made this WAAAY easier:

    (mat is from HotzMats, counters are from Battlefleet Gothic, and I made the ship box-models using LDRAW and printing them out and assembling them).