[quote=”LBandy” post=3329]Just my two cents, but I woldn’t say you will be better off using UE4 instead of GM. The blueprint system in Unreal is very convenient, yes, but you will face a lot of lower level issues compared to an easy to pickup tool like GameMaker. As for 2D games I’m generally against using UE. You can get the PlayMaker plugin for Unity though, which will prove a visual scripting interface similar to blueprints, but has a much wider range of free assets available, as well as better support for 2D.[/quote]

    For the most part I don’t mind GM for 2D. I’m very comfortable with GML and so far there hasn’t been too much I haven’t been able to accomplish with it (though I gave up on my last attempt of an isometric RTS, but that was because of art asset issues more than anything 🙁 ).

    I took a quick look at UE and Unity, and I think I’d encounter the same issue with them -lack of diverse 3D art assets.

    [quote=”Fasoldgames” post=3330]I don’t really like the anime art style of RPG maker either, but it can all be swapped out. In my game, I’ve taken out all the ‘chibi’ style characters and replaced them, so you don’t really have to go with the anime style if you don’t want to.[/quote]

    I have almost all of the High Fantasy resource packs. I really like that art style but I’ve never been able to get them working in the game the way I want. It seems an astounding amount of effort required to get them to work properly (outside of simply creating the map and then a parallex image in an external graphics program, which IMO partially defeats the purpose of RPG Maker anyway).

    Really annoys me because I’d love to create something with those packs.

    I kind of have to disagree with the idea that games require AAA graphic quality nowadays. Plenty of indie games use pixel art, or have a game concept in which the graphics are not that important.

    Never said anything about AAA quality graphics 😛

    Pixel art is a bit misleading though.. it’s still very difficult to create a unified aesthetic with pixel art, and even then you still need UI and other graphics.. doesn’t really solve anything lol.

    Specifically though I was referring to using low poly 3D models. They’re fine for an RTS, but unless your entire game is designed around low poly stuff, they just don’t work well in modern engines. Again, I’m not an artist. I can use Sketchup for 3D modelling, that’s about it (it’s a CAD program though, like CC3, which is why I can use it. I just don’t get 3D modelling software.. it just doesn’t click with me).

    And of course, we have Epic Character Generator! In my game, 90% of all enemies and NPC’s are made with epic generator, and I am quite happy with the result.

    Yea, it’s great unless you need something animated. Great for boardgame or static stuff though.

    Still, a computer game is quite a bit of work indeed!

    It can be. I enjoy the problem solving that comes with coding and figuring out solutions to problems. I don’t enjoy using MS Paint stick figures to represent my characters lol.