It could work Ok-ish as a computer game. My style of writing is generally very dialogue-driven though, but I’ve thought of doing some type of computer game adaption just for fun.

    I’ve worked with RPG Maker but I don’t really like it. I can’t stand the art style, and even with assets like the High Fantasy pack, it’s really designed to do JRPG-style of games, which I’m also not a fan of. Just personal preference. Though if I’m being honest I haven’t spent much time with the new battle scripts or anything.

    I’m most familiar with Gamemaker Studio (I’ve actually been using GM for over 10 years), but it also has it’s issues for doing an RPG-like game (it’s more than capable of it.. the issue is I don’t have the patience to write my own backend system required to support that type of gameplay).

    I was thinking of giving UE4 a shot, mostly because it doesn’t require coding. I have nothing against programming (GM above actually uses it’s own internal language based on Delphi), it’s more I just don’t have the time anymore to dedicate to learning a new programming language as a hobby project. Sometimes I miss being a college student lol (no, not really…. 😛 ).

    Of course, I have zero artistic talent whatsoever, so that always gives me an asset problem, especially with 3D where most free assets are quite frankly terrible or in need of work (and I have no patience for Blender -that’s the 2nd most obtuse program I’ve ever used in my life), or designed for commercial use and are thus very expensive ($70+ CAD per asset.. yikes).

    I’d love to do more computer game work, the problem is unless you’re willing to do everything yourself it’s really out of reach of a hobbyist. It’s one huge disadvantage of games now being of such high graphical quality.